Jesus cares in regards to you along with your long-distance connection, and he’s talked to you personally through their Word.

Get printable Bible verse notes to suit your long-distance connection

His keywords written in the Bible guarantee happiness in despair, fact in doubt, and desire in discouragement.

I know because reading the Bible gave me both comfort and clarity when my husband and I dated long-distance. Used to don’t discover every solution I was trying to find, but i came across Christ, and then he is all I had to develop.

These Bible verses for long-distance connections can encourage you to find Christ inside tough month. But don’t stop there. Opened a Bible and study the natural feelings of love’s writer, and call out in prayer that you'd discover him a lot more.

P.S. If you are seeking long-distance partnership Bible verses to hang on your own bulletin board or send in the mail, it is possible to install pre-designed notes with Bible verses out of this checklist. Click the button “Email it to me” towards the top of this page to have the free printable.

Crucial Bible Verses for Long-Distance

1. Proverbs 13:12: Why Distance Hurts