A: see your story's foreword (perhaps not revise) while logged in and you will be in a position to create and remove tags from there.

Q: I just upgraded my personal facts with a new part. How comen't it turning up in every of its labels?

A: when your facts is actually M Rated, your own tale will show up during the M ranked element of those tags.

Q: Best ways to view the M ranked listings inside label point?

A: you will need to draw the checkbox in your profile configurations that reports: "i want to look at reports with adult motifs and I am over 18".

Q: Best ways to use spoiler labels?

A: Spoiler tags lets you discuss spoilers while defending some other members from their store by covering the spoiler from see until its clicked. To use all of them, Surround your spoiler in spoiler tags: [spoiler]write their spoiler here[/spoiler].

Q: The toolbar to modify my story is not showing. How do you fix this?

A: You'll want to clean out their internet browser cache and ensure that it's the entire cache. When it's nevertheless no longer working, test it with an alternate internet browser on a single tool. Whether or not it's functioning there, it's likely that you don't clean the entirety regarding the cache.

Q: What makes the part connects in numerous styles?

A: Gray backlinks show the section you've got went to prior to. Blue website links tend to be sections you haven't went to but. Red links are sections the author has elected to not ever showcase (visible and then the writer). The black back link may be the section you are presently viewing.