The Actual Cause Recognize Next To Nothing About BLACKPINK's Relationships Record

BLACKPINK the most popular groups in the arena, but there is an excuse we don't understand much about their romantic physical lives. BLINKs think shortage of info around BLACKPINK's dating record is because of YG activity's "dating bar," which forbids some YG recreation musicians and artists, eg BLACKPINK, from having intimate connections while in the band.

BLACKPINK affirmed this in a job interview on JYP's Party folks in 2017, where in actuality the band furthermore unveiled which they cannot smoke, drink, visit organizations or become tattoos or plastic surgery. But Jennie performed remember that there's an exception into the bar, which can be that any tip tends to be damaged assuming that YG activities's previous Chief Executive Officer Yang Hyun-Suk offers his permission.

This exception got apparent when the users advised the hosts of celebration individuals who they decided to go to a dance club and drank for the first time since their particular debut once they checked out Park Jin immature on a club-like set. (Although it was not a proper nightclub, the users remained most enthusiastic.) "We smashed two taboos these days, drinking and clubbing. It's a historic day," Jennie said at the time, while Lisa added, "Its my very first time at a club."