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Xenophobia: are a non-native in Bulgaria

As a whole, Bulgarians are particularly hospitable, friendly and useful, although they might seem much more serious than the majority of Europeans in the beginning. Many of them communicate international languages and value overseas customers, to enable them to getting great organization. Bulgarians additionally recognize foreign people really as business lovers, while they think about them to getting practiced and dependable.

Significantly more than 50percent of Bulgarians regard that numbers of immigrants in Bulgaria are very lower plus don't represent a menace to their work. But there are additionally significant concerns that immigrants will vie for employment and may also play a role in criminal activity escalation, including overwhelm the social security system. The effect of immigrants on national customs just isn't regarded as being a threat to Bulgarian community and Bulgarians foster the maintenance regarding customs and traditions. Bulgarians have actually high degrees of attitude to the Roma individuals, homosexuals, and immigrants to an inferior degree. However, many Bulgarians consider that immigration provides both negative and positive influences on the country.

Foreign Companies

Profitable business requires close knowledge of the foreign country traditions. You should be ready to experience various attitudes and philosophy that effect the organization behavior.