50 WTF Confessions From 50 Unknown Folk

1. doingitforjohnny

My personal sibling try special needs and contains PWS. She merely stabbed me personally inside supply with a pen. This woman is actually 19, but psychologically 6. It is handling the point that my personal 60 yr old pops cannot literally control this lady. She is verbally/physically abusive. When I type this this woman is organizing material around inside her place.

Here is the role in which we declare that despite it-all, i really like the lady and she's lead this families closer. Better, I do not. And she hasn't.

Basically previously had gotten expecting and I will almost certainly has studies done to detect for congenital abnormalities, if you can find any, i will not hesitate to abort. My mama states i mightn't since it'd getting my personal child and I also'd like him/her in excess. I am 25 and get seriously considered this many. She's incorrect.

Everyday are difficult and I'm merely guess to skip that she's a f*cking monster. Yes, I am well aware that she can not controls they. A LOT of people do not know exactly what Prader Willi disorder is. But i could let you know, it sucks.

2. KimmyKAOS

I enjoy day-dream about myself personally passing away. we typically day-dream of me in a terrible condition whereby i die, in order to imagine what individuals would do or say about me. would i've this big group of people mourn my loss in lifestyle at a young age? or will nobody even think about any of it.

3. PastPassport

We outdated a son about 24 months in the past following I'd obtained from a critical union. He had been exceptionally intense intimately right away, and that I'm not sure the reason why, they most likely had something you should carry out with my complete lack of self worth, we permitted anything to occur with this particular guy.