Looks: Dante's about six base tall, in which he appears to be a comparatively regular individual

Somewhat pale, broad shouldered, not obviously muscular, face stubble. actually, the one associated with the few things that establishes your besides others try their gold tresses. Though he would probably claim one thing exactly how their 'brilliant blue-eyes' are the thing that the girls recall.

Anyways, Dante constantly wears an extended, red leather, two tailed layer. Beneath this might be a lengthy sleeved, zip up shirt (because buttons get a long time, it seems that), though both collection of arm is pressed as much as elbow amount. Around his torso is three buckles, and around their waistline is actually a belt with a large buckle, cast within the obscure type a beast's face. He wears a set of red shorts covered by brown leather-based (because the guy doesn't want to stain his jeans?), as well as a pair of yellow boot addresses with zippers and refined etchings.