I am an introvert and I also'm in a 5 12 months connection with a reasonably extroverted individual

There's no need she should endure your private lifetime. She will perform her very own thing, whether it is checking out, yoga, painting, etc. Possible get become a social butterfly. You don't have to expend most all of our personal physical lives along. Truly. Any time you require, and I also would mean need, that of some body, then you need someone else.

You appear to be hesitant so that this lady end up being her. If she's perhaps not relaxed around friends and family after six months, bitching to MeFi will not change that. And neither will confronting their about this. Now she's going to sit truth be told there gently considering these represent the friends I have to getting okay making use of whole time. Appears unhappy to me, I would end watching your buddies ASAP should you decide informed me that.

Basically, allow her to end up being the woman and you also become you. If flying solo most of the personal times is not for you.

But additionally, she hinted that timidity is actually an integral part of the girl individuality, and this I need to recognize it. This can be difficult for myself, because I discover shyness as a mostly-negative characteristics characteristic, or at least something you should over come.

I will see where perhaps embarrassing available if for example the gf doesn't talk at all in social settings, but this will be a two-way road.