Rotables Exchanges

Rotable exchanges is what we consider our "bread-and-butter" due to the amount of exchanges processed. We offer all our rotables parts the ability to exchange if there is a core available to return. This transaction helps the client reduce their cost and avoid any down time. We only exchange our rotables if they are accompanied with a FAA Part 145 certification so that there is no additional down time or AOG situations. All our exchanges are offered in Flat Rate, Standard Exchange with a repair cap, or plus cost exchange (exchange fee plus cost of repair of returned core).

Please see our exchange agreement for more information regarding our exchanges:

Exchange Forms

Our Exchanges

Our three exchanges options. Ask us for more information.

Flat Rate Exchanges

These exchanges are flat rate - no additional bill back as long as the cores are not subject to customer induced fault (physical, water, burn or shortage).

Standard Exchange

We quote standard exchange similar to flat rate but usually we note repair cap. The repair cap is the max amount we will on the repair of core. Under standard exchanges we also note if any parts are defecting, it may be subject to bill back.

Exchange Plus Cost

Exchange plus cost is a fee for exchanging our unit, followd by the billing of the core repair cost. In most cases, core deposit is required for the security of our unit.